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Singletons in Swift

Some people love it, some people hate it – but in the end everybody uses it: the singleton pattern. It is used if just one instance of an object is desired. For example, that could be a database

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Outsource your UITableViewDataSource!

It is very common that the controller of an UITableView is also its data source. This is the number one reason why view controllers tend to become very massive. Outsourcing the data source to an object

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One Year of Swift

One year ago Apple introduced Swift, which was a very surprising move.  What remains after one year?

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The 10 Best Xcode Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can make your life better – or at least your workflow quicker. Here’s a list of the ten best ones:

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Swift 2.0: defer

defer is another new keyword in Swift. With this statement you can declare clean-up code, that is executed just before the current scope ends. For example, this scope can be a function or a loo...

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Swift 2: guard

In Swift 2, there is a new keyword for handling the control-flow of a block of code. It guarantees, that a specific condition holds true for the further code. Otherwise, it ensures that the following

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