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03/16 – The Best iOS Development Links

The best iOS development links from March 2016.

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NSTimer – Repeat

The NSTimer class is a workhorse of iOS applications, but it is also complex, fraught with hidden gotchas and cumbersome to use. For example, when a timer expires, its callback mechanism consists of performing a selector on a target object, which doesn’t work with a pure Swift class (or struct, etc.) and forces us to […]

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android development

Android Development For iOS Developers – An Overview

In this article we look into Android from an iOS development point of view.

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blog regularly

How to blog regularly?

Blogging has great benefits for developers. But in order to build a successful blog, you have to blog regularly.

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Best iOS Development Blogs

The 10 Best iOS Development Blogs

A list of the the ten best iOS development blogs in no particular order.

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Q&A: How Much Importance Does Graduating From University Have For Becoming An iOS Developer?

I’m regularly getting questions about iOS development. This one is about the importance of graduating from university for becoming an iOS developer.

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c-style for-loops

Swift: Avoiding C-Style For-Loops

C-style for-loops will be removed in Swift 3. This may seem a little bit strange at first sight. But Swift has some features that allow better loop structures. C-style for-loops Let’s start by looking at the following C-style for-loop:

It works, but it’s neither very handy nor very “swifty”. In fact, it’s not so easy […]

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Should You Still Learn Objective-C?

Since the introduction of Swift there are two important languages in the Apple ecosystem. Swift has become quiet popular in the meantime, so that it’s a good question whether you should still learn Objective-C or not.

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02/16 – The Best iOS Development Links

The best iOS development links from February 2016.

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