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5 Reasons Being An iOS Developer Is Awesome

There are lot of reasons to like being an iOS developer. But sometimes we have a loss of motivation though. If that happens, you should remind yourself why being an iOS developer is awesome.

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comfort zone

How To Leave Your Comfort Zone As A Developer?

For sure you’ve already heard that leaving your comfort zone is a great way for improving yourself. In this article we discuss the best ways for a developer to do so.

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Q&A: How Much Importance Does Graduating From University Have For Becoming An iOS Developer?

I’m regularly getting questions about iOS development. This one is about the importance of graduating from university for becoming an iOS developer.

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The Grand Transition

Deciding to transition into a new career field can be paralyzing. The thought of learning new skills, meeting new people, or working in a new environment is overwhelming. Our brains are wired for safety. It’s this “wiring” that stops us from venturing into new realms of possibilities. We would rather drag through our daily grinds […]

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Android Development

Why iOS Developers Should Look Into Android Development

It is a very good idea to specialise in one area, but in addition you should also look into other areas as well. So an iOS developer should have a basic understanding of Android development.

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How To Become An iOS Developer

So you want to become an iOS developer, but you don’t know how? No problem, in this post we will discuss how to do it.

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blog as a developer

10 Reasons You Should Blog As A Developer

Blogging is a great thing – especially for developers! This is a list of 10 reasons why you should blog as a developer.

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Should You Specialise In One Platform?

Developers are wondering very often whether they should specialise in one platform or not. In this post we will discuss why specializing is the better choice.

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