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Seven Things I Wish I Knew When I Started As A Developer

I’ve been a full-time iOS developer for about five years now, and there’s a lot of stuff I’ve learned the hard way. So if you ever invent a time machine, please handover this list to my younger self – thanks!

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distributing ios apps

Distributing iOS Apps – An Overview

iOS is a very secure operating systems. One reason for this is that iOS apps can’t just be installed on every device as you want to – instead there are certain distribution ways you can choose from. 

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phased release

Phased Release

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced the new phased release feature of iTunes Connect. You can use it to publish an app in phases over a period of one week.

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productivity apps

The 10 Best Productivity Apps on iOS

iOS has become an operating system that is not only great for consuming content, but for productivity as well. Of course you need the right apps though. Here’s a list of my favorite productivity apps. Ulysses Ulysses is THE app for writers. The iCloud sync works perfectly. And since a Mac client is also available, […]

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3d touch quick actions

3D Touch Quick Actions

Quick actions have been introduced with the iPhone 6S. When you force touch an app icon, a menu will be presented. You can use it, to quickly access a certain part of the app or to trigger an action.

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merge sort

Merge Sort In Swift

There are a lot of sorting algorithms. In this post we will take a look at implementing merge sort in Swift.

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log messages

Two Useful Log Messages

Logging is a very useful method for debugging an app. Most times, though, too much information is logged. But there are some very useful things you should log. Let’s take a look at two of them.

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About The Importance Of Building Momentum

We all have big goals we want to achieve. Most of the time we lack motivation though. One of the biggest success factors is to build so-called momentum.

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10 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For iOS Developer

The new year has started already, but it’s never not too late to set ambitious goals. Here’s a list of 10 new year’s resolution ideas for iOS developers.

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The 5 Best YouTube Channels For iOS Developers

Take a look at my five favorite iOS development YouTube channels.

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Why The Removal Of The iPhone Headphone Jack Is Both Brave And Visionary

Apple has removed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. In my opinion this move is both brave and visionary.

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The A-Z Of iOS Development

The A-Z of iOS development – or at least a part of it…

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