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02/16 - The Best iOS Development Links

02/16 - The Best iOS Development Links

The best iOS development links from February 2016.



  • Swift: CGRect, CGSize & CGPoint: Many iOS developers have an Objective-C background, so that we are not always programming very “swifty”. This article explains how you should use CGRect, CGSize and CGPoint in Swift.
  • Swift’s Break and Continue Statements: All you need to know about Swift’s break and continue statements.
  • Name that Tune!: “One of the many jobs that we do as developers is naming. Coming up with simple descriptive names can be a daunting task altogether. As a new developer myself, knowing some of the Swift language characteristics is a good place to start.” 

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  • Looking For Guest Bloggers: Are you interested in becoming a guest blogger on this site? Then read this post and apply!
  • A Simple NSBlockOperation Example: Concurrency is a very interesting topic and there are many situations where you should use it in iOS development. Sometimes it is the only way to provide a responsive UI to the user. In Swift there is no language feature for concurrency yet. However, the iOS SDK provides you different concurrency APIs. In this post we’ll look at a simple example using NSBlockOperation.
  • UIActivityIndicatorView: You use an UIActivityIndicatorView to indicate the user that something is going on. For example, that could be a calculation or a network request – basically everything that takes same time.
  • February 2016: The Current State Of Swift: Recently there were some interesting reports and articles about the state of Swift. In this post we will discuss them and put them in perspective.
  • The Grand Transition: Deciding to transition into a new career field can be paralyzing. The thought of learning new skills, meeting new people, or working in a new environment is overwhelming. Our brains are wired for safety. It’s this “wiring” that stops us from venturing into new realms of possibilities. We would rather drag through our daily grinds than start something new.
  • iOS Developer Conferences In 2016: As an iOS developer you should go to conferences. It’s a great opportunity to learn new stuff and to get in contact with other developers. Also speaking on a conference is a great way to leave your comfort zone. This is a list of iOS developer conferences in 2016.
  • How To Show And Hide A Date Picker From A Table View Cell: If your app needs a date and/or time to be chosen, sometimes it is best not to have the user segue to a different View in order to accomplish this. This tutorial will demonstrate how to show and hide a Date Picker contained in a Table View Cell.


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