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05/16 - The Best iOS Development Links

05/16 - The Best iOS Development Links

The best iOS development links from May 2016.

News – Swift 3.0 Release ProcessSwift 3.0 is a major release that is not source-compatible with Swift 2.2. It contains fundamental changes to the language and Swift Standard Library. A comprehensive list of implemented changes for Swift 3.0 can be found on the Swift evolution site.”

Apple & SAP Partner to Revolutionize Work“Apple® and SAP today announced a partnership to revolutionize the mobile work experience for enterprise customers of all sizes, combining powerful native apps for iPhone® and iPad® with the cutting-edge capabilities of the SAP HANA platform.”


Protocol-Oriented Views in Swift“By using protocol extensions for view composition, you’re adding super nice READABILITY, REUSABILITY, and MAINTAINABILITY to your code base.”

Swift: Configuring a Constant Using Shorthand Argument NamesBy using this approach, you can configure a constant at initialisation time, which can make your code more readable.

Pattern Matching, Part 4: if case, guard case, for case“Now that we’ve revisited the various syntaxes for pattern matching in part 1, part 2 and part 3, let’s finish this blog post series with some advanced syntax using if case let, for case where and all!”

What’s new in Swift 3.0: learn all the changes in one placeSwift 3.0 is changing pretty much everything, and your code will almost certainly refuse to build until you make the necessary changes. Seriously, if you thought the jump from Swift 1.2 to 2.0 was big, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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Universal Links – Make the ConnectionDo you have a website that shares content with an iOS app? As of iOS 9, you can connect them using universal links, meaning that users can now touch an HTTP link on an iPhone and be sent directly to your app!”

Sprite Kit and Inverse Kinematics with Swift“In this tutorial, learn how to use Sprite Kit’s inverse kinematics to make a ninja punch and kick dynamically!”

Easier Auto Layout: Coding Constraints in iOS 9“Never fear! In this Auto Layout tutorial instead of using Interface Builder and storyboards, you’ll create all your constraints in code using layout anchors, a new API delivered as part of iOS 9. Creating constraints in code will lead to a greater understanding of Auto Layout constraint relationships, and even make it easier for you create Auto Layout driven views in Interface Builder.”

Detecting low power mode“I read a story this week about the Uber App knowing when your phone is in power saving mode. Uber found people more likely to pay higher rates when their phone is about to die. The company claims they do not use the data to set prices but it got me wondering how can you detect low power mode with iOS?”

Beware the UIKit Visitors!Very interesting blog post about a UIKit performance problem.

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