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06/17 - The Best iOS Development Links

06/17 - The Best iOS Development Links

The best iOS development links from June 2017.


What’s New in Swift 4?: “Swift 4 is the latest major release from Apple scheduled to be out of beta in the fall of 2017. Its main focus is to provide source compatibility with Swift 3 code as well as working towards ABI stability.”

Exploring the new String API in Swift 4: “This week, let’s take a look at how it is to work with strings in Swift 4, and how we can take advantage of the new, improved API in various situations.”

Why is it called a “Closure” anyway? A Swift Conceptual Look: “If a programming language comes with a named feature, you can be pretty sure it was named that way for a reason. It’s a safe bet that the language designers were purposeful in their naming, so if you can figure out that essential “Why’d they name it that?” question, you might be that much closer to understanding the feature or concept.”

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What’s new in iOS 11 for developers: “iOS 11 was announced at WWDC 2017, and introduces a massive collection of powerful features such as Core ML, ARKit, Vision, PDFKit, MusicKit, drag and drop, and more. I’ve tried to summarize the key changes below so you can get started with them straight away, providing code where feasible.”

11 Considerations to Update Your App for iOS 11: “Another WWDC keynote has come and gone. 2017 saw Apple focus on six particular areas, including announcements for the Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, the new HomePod, and of course, iOS 11. All of these impact the work we do at Savvy Apps, but the most significant of all is iOS 11.”

Why Core ML will not work for your app (most likely): “While the buzz around newly released Apple framework is loud, I want to explain several things, that may not be obvious for those who are new to machine learning (ML).”

New rules following WWDC 2017 – App Store Review Guidelines History: “After a densely packed WWDC keynote with many new features for developers and user, Apple also published a new version of the App Store Review Guidelines. There are many changes ranging from minor rephrasings to totally new rules.”

SSL certificate pinning in iOS applications: “The most basic form of security when transferring data between the application and the service backend is SSL/TLS encryption, and it is very common for developers today to switch their traffic to https and declare their communications as secure. In fact mobile platforms today make it really hard for developers not to use https. That by itself, however, is not enough. Encryption is useless when communicating parties can not validate the identity of their piers.”

The Best Way to Organize your iOS Project Files in Xcode: “If you use standard Xcode Groups to organize your files in project — you will eventually find out that it creates mess in your project root folder on a disk. Xcode Groups (folders) exist only virtually, while on the disk you will see plain list of created files in the root directory, and that can potentially lead to some possible uncomfortable situations and even risks.”

Porting Your iOS App to macOS: “Learn how to port iOS apps to macOS. If you’re developing apps for iOS, you already have skills that you can use to write apps for macOS!”

Speech Recognition Tutorial for iOS: “Learn how to transcribe live or pre-recorded audio in your iOS app with the same engine used by Siri in this speech recognition tutorial for iOS.”

iOS Simulator Power Ups: “For the modern iOS developer, spending time in Terminal and firing up the shell of choice on macOS, Bash, is commonplace. Today, we’ll look at a utility one can use in Terminal that’s been around for a few years but has largely eluded the spotlight: simctl — a lovely little tool to aid with the iOS simulator.”

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