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08/16 – The Best iOS Development Links

08/16 – The Best iOS Development Links

The best iOS development links from August 2016.


Pattern Matching in Swift: “Pattern matching is one of the most powerful features of any programming language, because it enables you to design rules that match values against each other. This gives you flexibility and simplifies your code. Apple makes pattern matching available in Swift, and today you’ll explore Swift’s pattern matching techniques.”

Swift 3 Access Control (Xcode 8 Beta 6)On August 15th 2016, Xcode 8 Beta 6 was released and brought some significant changes to Swift Access Control and other parts of language.

21 Amazing Open Source iOS Apps Written in SwiftThis is a list of 21 open source iOS apps written in Swift. You can learn a lot by looking at these apps.

Making burritos with Swift (or How To Mock Classes You Don’t Control): The principle of dependency inversion is fairly simple — make your dependencies instances of protocols (or interfaces in other languages), not concrete implementations. This makes your code more modular, more testable and easier to refactor.

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CloudKit Tutorial: Getting Started“CloudKit is Apple’s remote data storage service based on iCloud. It provides a low-cost option to store and share app data using your users’ iCloud accounts as a back-end storage service.”

Neural Networks in iOS 10 and macOSApple has been using machine learning in their products for a long time: Siri answers our questions and entertains us, iPhoto recognizes faces in our photos, Mail app detects spam messages. As app developers, we have access to some capabilities exposed by Apple’s APIs such as face detection, and starting with iOS 10, we’ll gain a high-level API for speech recognition and SiriKit.

Enum-based Queue Factory with GCDGrand Central Dispatch (GCD) is a great technology provided by Apple. It provides an elegant level of abstraction to work with threads, queues, and locks. And it went through a much needed make-over in Swift 3. In this post, I would like to take this one step further using enums as a queue factory.”

Using Stack Views in Table Cells“One of the cool things UIStackView can do for you is make it easy to dynamically update your app’s user interface while it’s running, with smooth animations and not a lot of code. My recent talk at iOSDevCamp DC covered some techniques. Natasha the Robot wrote a couple of great posts based on my talk, and today I’m going to talk about another unexpected (to me?) use of stack views.”

Think Like a Swift Developer: Are You a Developer?“When can we officially call ourselves an iOS/Swift developer. The argument could be that ‘Hey, I paid my $99 developer fee to Apple, I’m a developer!’ Right?”

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Xcode: Treat Warnings As Errors: It’s important to pay attention to compiler warnings. But in reality many developers tend to ignore warnings. In Xcode there is a very helpful build option called “Treat Warnings as Errors” that will force you to pay attention to warnings. This feature has been available for Objective-C code for some time. With Xcode 8, this option is now available for Swift code as well.

Concurrent Code In PlaygroundsPlaygrounds are a very powerful tool, but it hasn’t been possible to execute concurrent code yet. But in Xcode 8 you can do so.

WWDC 2016: The 7 Best TalksWWDC 2016 is over and there is still a lot to learn. This is a list of my seven favourite WWDC 2016 talks.


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