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Q&A: How Much Importance Does Graduating From University Have For Becoming An iOS Developer?

Q&A: How Much Importance Does Graduating From University Have For Becoming An iOS Developer?

I’m regularly getting questions about iOS development. This one is about the importance of graduating from university for becoming an iOS developer.

The Question

[…] Let me introduce myself: I’m […] studying Computer Engineering […] . There are 2 semester left to finish up my university. But right now I think that I have to make a decision.

Last semester I got a lecture in my university which name is “Application Development for iOS Devices”. I’m really obsessed with this class and I have started to love iOS and Swift. I watched the Lessons from Udacity, read lots of stuff about Swift, iOS and completed most of the portfolio projects in Udacity. […]

I feel lots of passion about iOS […]. I really like to learn, explore new things in Swift and iOS everyday. […]  But here I have to make a decision […]. I have 2 options:

  1.  Freezing my University Enrolment and take a 2 semester break (That means I can continue University after 2 semester time). In that free time I would just focus on iOS development and I would release my first app on the app store. And then I would apply for iOS developer jobs and move on…
  2. Finishing university first. While studying, I would work on iOS development in my remaining time.

My emotions tell me to do the first one, but I need your suggestion. I can’t decide […]. University or iOS development?

My first question: If you were me, which option would you choose?

My second question: How much importance does graduating from Computer Sciences or relative degrees have for becoming an iOS developer?

The answer

Thanks for the question!

If I were you, I would definitely pick option 2 “Finishing university first”. There are some reasons why I would do that:

  • A degree in Computer Engineering is a huge help to get a job.
  • A degree in Computer Engineering will make you a better iOS developer.
  • It’s good practice to finish things you’ve started. In fact it is almost always the case that at some point you won’t be motivated as much as at the beginning. If you focus completely on iOS development, you will also reach that point someday. When this happens, you should always keep going! One year is not a long time, so that it’s not a big deal to finish it.

Don’t get me wrong: You don’t need a university degree to become an iOS developer! But it will make things a lot easier and since you are almost done, it wouldn’t be a good idea to make a break.

But besides that, it’s a great gift to have a passion! Most people don’t know what they are passionated about. So I would see the university as a step towards your passion.

These are just my two cents, but I hope I could help you! Good luck and keep going!

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