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How To Deal With Setbacks?

How To Deal With Setbacks?

Sometimes we are facing a major setback. In our projects, career or personal life. We can’t undo things, but we can decide how to move on.

Accept when the game is over

In many cases, it’s not completely lost yet. In that cases we should of course fight. On the other hand, it’s not always worth to fight. Sometimes it just didn’t work out. And there will be no way to change that. In this case, we have to accept that. It’s difficult to see the difference though. But if we are considering all possibilities and all facts, then it’s possible to understand whether it’s worth to fight or not. Either way, there is one thing that always holds true:

It’s always important to leave your past behind

What happened, happened. And even if everything is completely lost, we shouldn’t fall into gnawing self-doubts. We are all making errors, we all loose from time to time. We have to analyse what went wrong. But then we have to move on and make it better the next time. That’s what life is all about!

We just have to believe it. We have to fight for ourself.


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