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How To Leave Your Comfort Zone As A Developer?

How To Leave Your Comfort Zone As A Developer?

For sure you’ve already heard that leaving your comfort zone is a great way for improving yourself. In this article we discuss the best ways for a developer to do so.

Why you should leave your comfort zone

So why is it a good idea to leave your comfort zone? I’ve found a very good blog post about that topic. The article says:

When mixed with the feeling of success, some anxiety and self-doubt can lead to personal growth. This is why outdoor adventures like rock climbing or skydiving can be so exhilarating: they induce anxiety and unease but when completed, they give us a huge feeling of accomplishment and increase our base levels of confidence.

So in the end leaving your comfort zone means to do things you are afraid of but are also worth the effort. This is by all means a very individual topic because everyone has a different comfort zone. But there are some things that are intimidating for most developers. Here’s a small list:

Way #1: Speaking at a conference

For many people, speaking at a conference is one of the most frightening thinks they can imagine. But it’s worth it! You will learn a lot about both your yourself and the topic you are talking about. There are a lot of iOS developer conferences all over the world, so that there are enough possibilities to speak. Most of the conferences have a so-called call for paper. Just submit your talk and with some luck you will get eventually a speaker. And after that it will be even easier to get further speaking opportunities.

Way #2: Start a blog

Like speaking at a conference, blogging can also be quiet frightening. Literally the whole world could read your posts and you could get a lot of negative feedback. But by doing this you will grow eventually. You will not only learn a lot, but you will also become more confident. Take a look at my blog post 10 Reasons You Should Blog As A Developer to learn more about the benefits of blogging.

Way #3: Move to another country

We as developers – and especially as iOS developers – are in the great position to have the opportunity to get a job all over the world. So you can apply for a job at a company in another country, and eventually move there. This is not only a challenging step for your career but for your personal life as well. Of course it seems very often a little bit unrealistic to do this step. But on the other hand it’s possible if you really want to.

How About You?

Do you have further ideas how a developer can leave the comfort zone? Please write it down below in the comments!


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