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Why The Removal Of The iPhone Headphone Jack Is Both Brave And Visionary

Why The Removal Of The iPhone Headphone Jack Is Both Brave And Visionary

Apple has removed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. In my opinion this move is both brave and visionary.

After Apple has introduced the iPhone 7, there was a lot of talking going on. Why has Apple removed the headphone jack? And the overall opinion was that this was a bad idea. There are a lot of reports, that Apple has done that mainly to earn licensing fees from companies that produces headphones with a lightning connector. But in my opinion it is very unlikely that this is true.

Licensing Fees

The iPhone is the most important product for Apple and the removal of the headphone jacket puts the success of the iPhone at least a little bit in jeopardy. There was a lot of bad press about this topics and Apple knew that the overall opinion wouldn’t be very good. And in my opinion it is possible that many people don’t buy the iPhone 7 just because of this fact. So I think it’s very unlikely that this is all about earning some licensing fees – the risk would be too high.

More Room

The real reason is that Apple wants to build a better phone. And of course, it is also a disadvantage that the headphone jack is gone. However, Apple believes that the advantages are much bigger. There isn’t a lot of space in a mobile phone, but we want the phones to become quicker, lighter and also have more battery life. The removal of the headphone jack creates more room to accomplish these things.

Brave and visionary

So Apple has done this just to build a better phone even though this created a lot of bad press and could potentially put the success of the phone in jeopardy. But I think in the long term this is the kind of decision that makes a company successful.  So I do believe that this move is both brave and visionary. And yes, this step takes a lot of courage.



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