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Should You Still Learn Objective-C?

Should You Still Learn Objective-C?

Since the introduction of Swift there are two important languages in the Apple ecosystem. Swift has become quiet popular in the meantime, so that it’s a good question whether you should still learn Objective-C or not.

The Question

This post is inspired by a reader’s question:

I’m just starting out in programming so I’m hoping I can get your insight on one question. Is it worth learning Objective-C for iOS development or just go straight into Swift and don’t look back?

This is a very good question, so let’s dive into it!

Swift should be your priority…

I’ve spoken already about that “Swift vs Objective-C” topic a few times:

To make it short: In my opinion Swift will become much more important than Objective-C, and in some regards it already is – so every iOS developer should learn Swift. And since Swift is easier to learn than Objective-C, the same holds true for beginners.

…but Objective-C is still important

But nevertheless it would be a big mistake not to learn Objective-C. There are several reasons why Objective-C is still important:

So in fact, you should really learn Objective-C.

How to handle it?

If you are new to iOS development, it is of course very difficult to learn two languages at the same time. And it would also disturb your learning process because it’s very confusing to deal with two languages at the beginning.

So I think you should definitely start with Swift. But there will be a point where you feel comfortable in using Swift and the iOS development framework. And I think that’s the perfect point of time to look into Objective-C.

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