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The 5 Best YouTube Channels For iOS Developers

The 5 Best YouTube Channels For iOS Developers

Take a look at my five favorite iOS development YouTube channels.

Recently, I made a poll on Twitter:

So obviously most people still prefer written tutorials, but at least 25% prefer video tutorials. And YouTube is THE platform for videos. And indeed, there are some channels that are really worth the watch for iOS developers. Let’s start:

Jared Davidson

For me, this is THE channel about iOS development. Jared does an incredible job in posting very interesting videos on a regular basis. The channel has grown massively and has already more than 30,000 subscribers. Take a look at his Swift 3 tutorials:

Brian Advent

On this channel you can find videos that cover a lot of topics like animations, auto layout, design patterns, cloud kit and much more. He was also the organiser of the online conference SWIFT TUTORIAL CONFERENCE 2016, which is really a very interesting idea! Although traveling to a conference is always a good experience, this kind of conference also has its benefits!

The New Boston

This channel is not a sole iOS development channel, but a channel about programming tutorials in general. And it’s one of the most successful channels in this area with more than 1,300,000 subscribers. I’m really a fan on specialising into one area, but it’s always worth to invest some time to look into other areas as well. You can find for example tutorials about the following topics: React, Django, Angular, Python, Git, Java, MondoDB, Node.js, Android, Photoshop and much more. And of course you can also find tutorials about iOS development:

Let’s Build That App

This channel by Brian Voong started in January 2016 and since then new videos has been posted very regularly. Brian is doing an incredible job. Recently he has started an interesting series about developing a Walkthrough / Onboard / Login component:

Simple Programmer

This channel is not about iOS development, but it’s about soft skills for developers. John Sonmez is the host of this channel and he is really prolific. By watching his videos you can learn how you can market yourself as a programmer and how you can develop a very strong work ethic. He’s also running a very interesting blog. Recently, there was an interview with Ray Wenderlich:

What else?

Of course there are much more channels, but I’ve just included channels that has been active for some time. And of course, you should also take a look at my new YouTube channel:


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