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SwiftUI: Alert

Alert is the equivalent to UIKit’s UIAlertView in SwiftUI. This post is about creating and presenting an alert in SwiftUI.

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Swift: Property wrappers

Property wrappers enables you to reuse code that specifies the access pattern of a property.

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The Advantages of SwiftUI

Almost a year ago Apple introduced SwiftUI at WWDC 2019. It’s still a very young technology but it’s quite clear that it’s the future not only of iOS development, but of macOS, watchOS, and tvOS

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Swift: The differences between structs and classes

Compared to many other programming languages, structs are very powerful in Swift. Hence, they should be used more often.

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Swift: Reference Equality and Value Equality For Classes ​

There are two ways for testing the equality of class instances: reference equality and value equality. In this post we will discuss both of them.

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How iOS Development Has Evolved Over The Past 8 Years

I’ve been a full-time iOS developer for over 6 years now and I started learning iOS development 8 years ago. A lot has changed over the years. In this post I want to talk about the biggest changes I’ve

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Sets in Swift

Sets are one of Swift’s collection types. A set stores an amount of unique values, that have no particular order. You can imagine a set to be like a box of billiard balls: They are all unique in terms

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MFMailComposeViewController – sending emails from an iOS app

MFMailComposeViewController provides an easy way to present a view controller, that allows to write, edit and send an email. It’s presented modally, so the context of the app won’t be left.

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Properties in Swift

There are two types of properties in Swift: stored properties and computed properties. Stored properties store values (constant or variable) as part of an instance or type, whereas computed properties

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Swift: Comparing Enums With Associated Values

Comparing enums in Swift is very straightforward – as long as they don’t have associated values. In this post we will discuss, what you can do in that case.

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01/18 – The Best iOS Development Links

The best iOS development links from January 2018.

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Xcode for Windows?

Xcode for Windows – many developers are wondering whether that exists. In this article we will answer this question. Furthermore, we will discuss which alternatives you have, if you don’t have a Mac,

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