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04/16 - The Best iOS Development Links

04/16 - The Best iOS Development Links

The best iOS development links from April 2016.


Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2016: Everything you need to know about this year’s WWDCAfter an odd semi-unveil via Siri earlier today, Apple this evening officially confirmed that its annual Worldwide Developers Conference would take place from June 13th through June 17th in San Francisco. As in previous years, tickets are being distributed via a random lottery process to eligible developers.” 

Google may be considering Swift for use on Android“Swift is also open source, which means Google could adopt it for Android without changing its own open source mobile structure.”


Swift Tutorial: Initialization In Depth, Part 1/2“Some things are inherently awesome: rockets, missions to Mars, initialization in Swift. This tutorial combines all three for a combo-platter of awesomeness in which you’ll get to learn about the power of initialization!”

Swift enums – the not so good parts: Enums in Swift are really powerful and awesome. They can have raw values, associated values, properties and methods, they have powerful and save pattern matching and etc. Enums are awesome new candy and everyones want to use them ASAP. I did that too ?. But we shouldn’t forget about other tools we have in our disposal.”

Rejected Swift Proposals“At the beginning of this week, I set aside a day to read through all current proposals in detail. Not only to understand what is coming up, but also to learn what got rejected. With most rejections, the core team included a good rationale that can help us understand how they see the language evolve.”

iOS Development

UITextChecker“Make no mistake, a tiny keyboard on a slab of glass doesn’t always lend itself to perfect typing. Whether for accuracy or hilarity, anyone typing on an iOS device notices when autocorrect steps in to help out. You might not know, however, that UIKit includes a class to help you with your user’s typing inside your app.”

iOS: View Controller Data Injection with Storyboards and Segues in Swift“Since I openly declared my love for Storyboards & Nibs earlier this week, I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how I deal with injecting dependencies between View Controllers without using a custom initializer. So I’ll share that now.”

Dependency or Not to Be?:  “Dependencies are as old as the art of engineering itself. In terms of iOS and OS X development, they are often thought of in the form of Cocoapods or Carthage libraries, or really just any bit of code from elsewhere that we bring in and use in our app.”

How to Login User Automatically Into The App With SFSafariViewController on iOS 9“The new SFSafariViewController was introduced during the WWDC15 and it’s built into iOS9. It enables you as a developer to deliver data to the app from your web service (site), avoiding any need for authorization so that the user feels a deep level of integration between the web version of your service (site) and the client mobile application. We’ve already built this feature into our project and want to share our mobile app development experience with you!”

Change your API endpoint/environment using Xcode Configurations in Swift“Often, as an iOS developer, you might find yourself working on an App that communicates with an API. This API might be an internal API built by the company you are working with so there are probably a few environments in the wild. This means that you will most likely be tasked with making builds that point at each one of these environments/endpoints.”

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Data Persistence On iOS – An OverviewVery often an app creates data that should be saved. In this article we’ll discuss the different possibilities for data persistence on iOS.

How To Leave Your Comfort Zone As A Developer?:  For sure you’ve already heard that leaving your comfort zone is a great way for improving yourself. In this article we discuss the best ways for a developer to do so.

Building A Simple iOS Calculator App – Part 1A calculator app is a great example for a simple iOS application. In this tutorial  series we will cover all steps to build one.

Swift: The Nil Coalescing OperatorThe so-called Nil Coalescing Operator is an interesting operator that you can use for working with optionals.

try!Error handling is a very important topic. In this post we will discuss when you should use try!.

Swift: Use Cases For GuardThe keyword guard has been introduced in Swift 2.0. It was a little bit inconspicuous at the first sight, but it has a lot of power. In this article we will take a look at three uses cases for guard.

Swift: filterSwift provides you some handy functions like filter and map for manipulating arrays. In this post we will take a look at filter and how you can combine it with map.

How To Overcome A Temporary Loss Of Motivation?It doesn’t matter how much you love your work and how passionated you are about it, at some point you will face a temporary loss of motivation. Most of the times, this is due to the so-called “Wall Of Success”.


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