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5 Reasons Being An iOS Developer Is Awesome

5 Reasons Being An iOS Developer Is Awesome

There are lot of reasons to like being an iOS developer. But sometimes we have a loss of motivation though. If that happens, you should remind yourself why being an iOS developer is awesome.

You are working on technology you are passionated about

It’s still not very common to learn mobile development at the university so that most mobile developers had an intrinsic motivation to do so. That’s particularly true for iOS developers because the entry barriers are very high: Both Objective-C and Swift are programming languages that you normally won’t learn at universities – especially compared to Java.

So to summarise it: It’s unlikely that you’ve became accidentally an iOS developer. But you become an iOS developer because you are passionated about it.

You are working in a fast developing field

There is a lot of innovation in mobile development. iOS is not the sole important mobile operating system, so that there’s a competition between Android and iOS. That’s very different to the situation on the desktop where Windows have dominated that market for decades. This has lead to a much slower rate of innovation. So in order for iOS and Android to be competitive, they both have to introduce new stuff all the time. This means of course that developers have to implement new software features in order to create competitive apps. And iOS and Android are also trying to attract mobile developers, so that there is also a high innovation rate for the development tools.

Swift is a very good example: It’s a whole new programming language and there is a lot to learn about it. If you want to be a good iOS developer, you have to learn it. You could of course say that this is in fact a disadvantage of being an iOS developer. But since you are passionated about this field, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn new stuff all the time, isn’t it?

You can reach billions of people

Mobile is on the rise and mobile phones are all over the place. And of course a lot of them are iOS devices. So a lot of people are using devices you are building software for. That’s awesome. It means that the apps you’re creating are just a finger tip away for billions of people.

You will be challenged

Software development is a very interesting but also a very difficult field. And mobile development is even more difficult. Compared to other fields of software development, you are facing a lot of additional challenges: Less memory and CPU resources, a very unstable internet connection, but on the other hand there are also high user experience expectations. Combined with the fast development speed of that field you are getting a very challenging combination. But that’s good, isn’t it?

You have great career opportunities

Let’s face it: Although it’s primarily about passion, it is also important to have good career opportunities! And in iOS development you definitely have them. In fact companies all over the world are looking for iOS developers and at the moment the demand is MUCH higher than the offer. Yes, this doesn’t guarantee that this will hold true in the future as well, but that’s a general obstacle in information technology. And – in my opinion – there are other technologies that are much more likely to fail. Mobile is still on the rise and iOS is one of two dominant operating systems in that field. So no need to worry about your future.


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